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Feather Nape Razor

Feather Nape Razor. Perfect for shaving the nape at the end of a haircut, this handy razor is designed to clean up the nape area and other tight areas. Also great for shaving the bikini line and other body areas.

The FEATHER® Nape & Body Razor is the stylist’s choice for shaving razors. Perfect for trimming the nape, bikini lines and other tight areas of the body. The Nape Razor features a small handle and smaller blade design for accuracy and ease in shaving. The Nape Razor folds like a traditional barber razor for total control and creativity. It has a 0.15mm thick stainless steel blade covered by a thin wire mesh for safety as well as a close shave.

The FEATHER® Nape & Body Razor comes grey handles.

Price: $34.95

Catalog Item Number: 13010


  • 1875 watt Ultra Elite tourmaline ceramic H dryer

  • Feather Nape Razor blades/10 pk

  • Jatai feather styling razor

  • Razor Shaving butterfly Master Barber