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Andis Blade Gapper

Easily adjusts blades to achieve a closer shave Requires only a screwdriver to zero gap blade *Designed to easily adjust Andis® Outliner®, T-Outliner® and Styliner® blades #04521, #04604, #26704 and #32859 To see a video demonstration on how to zero gap your blades, visit product.aspx?ProductId=956&product=Andis+Blade+Zero+Gapper

Price: $24.95

Catalog Item Number: 7235


  • Andis Outliner II Blade

  • Andis Outliner T-Blade

  • Andis Styliner II Blade- 26704

  • Andis Styliner II Stainless Steel Blade

  • Andis Styliner II Trimmer FACTORY DISCONTINUED

  • Andis T-Outliner Trimmer