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Campbell Latherizer Black*see special note*

Please note this product can only be returned prepaid to the Manufacturer and not to Apopka Beauty & Barber Supply for repair or replace,for any defect including so received from us.The sale of this product only is made under this terms.Manufacturer's warranty is for 12 months from date of purchase.

Campbell Latherizer Black Our catalogue item # is 3085

Image showsboth latherizers Charcoal and Beige.

Campbell's Lather King Model PCS

Shaving made easy with push button instant flow of thick, hot, aerated, super-wet lather Easy to fill Waterproof heater, shock proof Available in 2 colors Use only soap concentrate.

Price: $188.95

Catalog Item Number: 3085


  • Campbell cleaner 8 oz

  • Campbell shave cream 8oz

  • Image not Available

    kleen Out 4z Lather Machine cleaner


  • Campbell Latherizer Beige*special note*